Seven of the Best 

'an exhibition of the work of seven young artists', at the Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre, sponsored by Jersey Telecoms, 17th - 27th September 1997.

 "The work exhibited here is a reflection of my experiences endured of being born and brought up on an island, with its unique geographical and socialistic aspects as inspiration. ...which encompasses a degree of emotional and psychological trauma relating to isolation, solitude and retention (of energies and emotion).

Echo is a large biomorphic hollow shape crafted from wire mesh and plaster, finished with acrylic paint and presented on a tripodal stand. The void within the piece gives way to natural acoustics, creating a deep, almost subsonic sound...the external aesthetic quality of the smooth rounded shape is friendly, humorous, inviting a sensuous touch. However, the sound emitting from within is the opposite: dark, disturbing and menacing. This contrast creates a sense of quirksome uneasiness which is added to by the use of a simple tripodal stand (like that used in laboratory experiments).

(taken from the exhibition catalogue)


(taken from the Jersey Evening Post)


"The Berni Gallery has been the venue...for many exhibitions which have celebrated the exciting and vibrant work of student artists but this is the first time that a selected show has given a small group the chance to present a corpus of their own work."

Rod McLoudglin, Director Jersey Arts Centre


"We are delighted to bring this promising new talent to the attention of the community...We thank all those who submitted portfolios and congratulate the seven whose work was selected. It has created one of the most stimulating exhibitions of contemporary work by Jersey artists in recent years which, i am sure, will be enjoyed by all those who visit."

Bob Lawrence, Executive Director Jersey Telecoms