Four for '98 

'an exhibition of the work of four young artists', at the Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre, sponsored by Jersey Telecoms, 21st September - 3rd October 1998.


"In last year's exhibition, David showed only one piece of work: a large sculpture of biomorphic form [ Echo ] with a naturally occuring acoustic sound resonating from within. This year, the sculptural theme has retained its biomorphic form and concept, but reduced in size somewhat, and is no longer freestanding. Two rounded forms [ Echo 2 & Echo 3 ] seem to levitate, hugging the wall, inviting the viewer to get closer. The sound concept has been subjugated, whilst the aesthetic intensified.

As well as three dimensional work, David is also showing two dimensional work, in the form of paintings, [ Unwanted, Unwanted 2, Unwanted 3 & Orphan ] which were created whilst on a four month stay in Barcelona at the Fine Art department of the Barcelona University. These paintings derive from David's experiences of being alienated and isolated in a foreign and unfamiliar culture, noting the differences and similarities across borders, and the similar struggle that many endure in the class societies that exist in all nations."

(taken from the exhibition catalogue)


(taken from the Jersey Evening Post)


(taken from the Jersey Evening Post)


"The Arts Centre is delighted that with the continued support of Jersey Telecoms it is again able to give a group of art students the opportunity to show their work in a high profile exhibition in the Berni Gallery. Four for '98 follows the success of Seven of the Best last year and gives each selected young artist the space to exhibit a variety of work, demonstrating the breadth and individual personality of their style."

Rod McLoudglin, Director Jersey Arts Centre


"... this exhibition features work from four young and talented artists who are all local students studying at Art College. It gives us enormous pleasure to bring this promising new talent to the attention of the community and to encourage the appreciation of the arts.

On behalf of Jersey Telecoms, we would like to thank all of those who submitted portfolios and congratulate the four whose work was chosen. It has created a most stimulating exhibition and a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the exciting and innovative work of local student artists."

Bob Lawrence, Executive Director Jersey Telecoms